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Since you’re competing with millions of other online businesses, your company domain name—the web address/URL that people use to find your website should be choosen at the same time you’re naming your new company. The internet domain name address should match your business name as close as possible and if it doesn’t you should think about changing the name of your business—it’s that important. When customers search for your type of company or buisness, a perfect domain name will help your business move up the ranks and draw traffic from search engine from Google organically and without needing to pay for PPC advertising. Organic internet traffic is the best kind of traffic because it’s free.

Here are some simple tips to remember when choosing a domain name:

  • Choose a domain name that has less than 10 characters if this possible. You want to register a simple, memorable name that doesn’t require typing to much (and increase chances of mistyping).
  • Catchy & descriptive. Make sure your domain name makes sense with what you do as a business. If register a memorable name there is going to be less confusion about your competitors. Try combining different words together, like YouTube, that are relevant for what your business does.
  • Go for the dotcom name (.com). Although many sites use .biz and .net and now .us to show national pride, .com domain extentions are the preferred extension and where search engines will first lead searching consumers.
  • Don’t try to get fancy with the spelling of your domain name. Again, that is just asking for confusion and mistyping. Don’t use hyphenated words where you can. If you need the hyphen, make sure you register your name both ways. Remember you can only have one hyperphen in a domain name as per domain policy rules.
  • The Location. If you own the neighborhood pizza parlor or flower shop then you should think about adding your city, neighborhood or street name to your business/domain name. Using a local name and supporting local businesses is trending in 2021

    Domain Nams for cars.

  • .car
  • .traffic
  • .motor

    It’s easy to search for and register a domain name. Here are a few of the websites to get it all done:

  • Network Solutions
  • Domain Registration DNS